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SSD Chemical is a standardized cleaning solution commonly used by individuals who seek to clean black money at home. This solution effectively removes excess stains from various types of currencies. Its composition comprises Mercury Mercuric Nitric Dioxide liquid, which aids in the cleaning of black money and ensures that it remains undetected.

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Our company provides cutting-edge automatic SSD, universal chemicals, and activating powders designed to clean all kinds of defaced notes, including black notes, anti-breeze, stamped, marked, or stained currencies. We excel in melting and reactivating frozen chemicals to achieve 100% cleaning efficiency for bills such as dollar, euro, pounds, and can transfer colors from used notes to new white bills.

Activation Powder is an inorganic aqueous salt used as a carrier for hydrogen peroxide. It reacts with hydrogen peroxide to form peroxy acids in an aqueous solution. When added to an ordinary SSD solution, it is effective in the black money cleaning process. It acts as a catalyst and quickens the rate of the SSD chemical reaction, efficiently turning black, green, and white notes back to their original state, allowing them to be used as legal tenders. This white or yellow-white crystalline powder dissolves in aqueous solutions of alkali hydroxides and carbonates but is only slightly soluble in water.

Our company specializes in providing SSD chemical solutions for cleaning black dollars, euros, pounds, and any other currency from any security color to its original state. We offer a wide range of products including anti-freezing preparations and prepared de-icing fluids, SSD solutions, vectrol paste, Tebi-Manetic solution, defaced currency, cleaning chemical, darkened currency, black coated notes, cleaning black money, super automatic solution, anti-breeze bank notes, black marked currency, and cleaning black money. Our SSD Chemical Solution is effective in cleaning all types of black and any color currency, stains, and defaced bank notes with other equipment that is deemed bad. Our highly qualified technicians are always ready to handle the cleaning process perfectly, and our Chemical is 100% pure. We clean all currencies, including the Euro, USD, GBP, and many others.

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